Database Management

How We Do It

We offer some of the most capable Real Estate Telemarketers in the Industry. Combine this with years of Telemarketing experience and an outstanding work rate, we can have a steady flow of appraisals and nurture leads send back to you after each shift we complete.

You have full control over your data and the hours you allocate us to work. We offer no lock in contracts and are flexible with our arrangement. If you have an empty calendar, you can increase our hours. Likewise, if you are booked out for a few weeks, we can pause the campaign and resume when needed. All hours are prepaid as you need them.

Our agents work in an online live spreadsheet where you can see each and every call and outcome in a live setting. This data is yours and can be used as you see fit. During an active campaign with us, we use the online work books so you can track exactly how your campaign is tracking at any time.

Why Our Methods Are The Best

We call your data on your behalf, meaning when someone answers the phone the are usually happy to hear from us! We keep all our calls quite “soft”, meaning we are not pushing anyone into any decisions and are purely there to offer any assistance to your prospects, on your behalf of course. 

Most campaigns we run are warm calls to existing prospects. Some agents have to make these call on a given time rotation in order to maintain that lead as “theirs”, and other agents simply like to be checking in on their loyal database. 

During a standard call, we ask if they have any plans on selling at the moment and/or if they are looking at purchasing or leasing out an investment in the area. Each call is different and unique. You may have a dedicated investors list and past sales list, and we treat these calls very differently. 

This is what makes us stand out from the pack. It’s the small things that make a big difference to your campaign. 

We are happy to sign any NDA’s you or your company may require in order to have access to your current data. We are happy to work on your internal systems or simply have CSV copies of your data to phone. In other words, we are here to make things as simple and easy as we can. There is no one size fits all here, we are happy to cater to what is best for you.

The Proof It Works

Warm calling, or database management will typically yield a much higher appraisal request rate versus our cold calling. We have made calls on campaigns and in 5 hours calling had 38 appraisals lined up for the agent, 3 of which actually listed within 3 weeks of us phoning. 

3 listings for the agent. Less than 1 month from the initial contact from us. 3 listings that may have gone elsewhere should we have not phoned them.  The results speak for themselves. 

Our packages are put together prepaid, in advance, with no lock in contracts. We have set the business up this way as we want you to willing come back to us. We would much rather you graciously be wanting more hours per week/month than begrudgingly be paying a bill every month, for 12 months and getting nothing out of it. 

We have revolutionised Real Estate Telemarketing. You pay us for our time and nothing else. We do not charge or expect any additional fees from properties that you end up selling. 

“I would highly recommend the services of Rex at 34th degree marketing. It is a great feeling knowing that while I am out closing deals , attending inspections etc that I have someone honest and reliable working for me behind the scenes prospecting for new clients . It is great to have continuous leads coming in and at a reasonable price . If you are looking to up your real estate game I would definitely say to give Rex a call.”

M.W– Hillsea Real Estate 

“I can’t recommend Rex and the team at 34th Degree highly enough. They somehow always manage to exceed our expectations and offer a high quality service. We work with Real Estate agents all over South East Queensland and Rex has always delivered top quality service to our clients and is also very professional when dealing with me and my staff.”

C.J, Agenttech

Others are raving about our services. Check out some more testimonials to our work here:

Day to Day Operations

Once you have sent us your data, this will all be collated and added to an online worksheet via Google drive. This will allow you to see, in real time, the progress being made on your campaign. 

Thorough notations are made on any leads that are labeled as Appraisal Call Backs, to give you an insight into the conversation we have had with the prospect. 

Should we be working on your internal systems, we are able to leave notes to a small or large a degree as you wish. 

Depending on the type of data/leads that you supply us, you may need to have this data washed against the Do Not Call register. Additional Fee’s* Apply (see more below)

The Costs

We are currently offering an introductory offer as detailed below. This will allow you to ascertain exactly what we can do for you in a set amount of time. With this information on hand, you can then decide how many hours you would like to complete each week. 

Trial Offer for $524 (Ex. GST) that Includes:

  • 5 Hours Calling
  • Do Not Call Washing Fee
  • Access to live data sheet and complete sets of call recordings
  • 2 business Day Implementation
  • All campaign setup costs

Once your trial is complete we offer simple, flexible ongoing arrangements. There is no lock-in contracts and no minimum commitments. Use as little or as much as you need.

820 local area leads to phone: $299 (ex GST) – Should you wish to consider cold calling.

We may be able to offer discounts if you are looking at purchasing data in bulk. For example, you may want to purchase all available data within your service area, therefore “locking” the area away from your competition. This is done on an individual basis and we recommend phoning us for the best possible quote. 

*Data washing is a legal requirement after each 30 days. Data washing costs: $29.95 + $0.0055 per record.

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Should you receive the documents and are happy to get started right away, please follow the instructions on the email sent to you. We pride ourselves on our quick turn around times and can have staff making calls as early as today should you need.