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By harnessing the power of the 3 most crucial elements of the internet & combining them into a lead generation machine for your agency. 
With tried and true methods combined with years of experience on and offline the leads come straight to your inbox!
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Domain Names

Your “virtual address”. A great domain name itself can yield higher growth but combine that with…


Landing Page

A great landing page highly SEO optimised, relevant, to the point that is increased by…


Google Ads

A strong, professionally composed Google Ads account. Highly targeted to the clients & properties you want which will… 



Land leads straight to your inbox! Clients can call, visit or email you with any properties they are interested in Selling or Leasing. 

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Domain names are a crucial factor playing part in your organic SEO for your website. Domain names can be added to your existing website for extra strength to your current website but they are always best used for their own website. Being that agencies have very limited control over their website, this is not usually an option. Domain names have extremely limited availability and are usually secured by an office immediately upon the opportunity to do so. An example of domain names we typically provide are:

Due to the scarcity of such domain names and also the speed they are snapped up when on the market, we can attempt to find a suitable domain name for you or place you on a waiting list for the next time it is available. Please remember, it can be some time before the domain name is available once again. 
You may be contacted by one of our staff about these domain names. All names purchased from N.A.D can have this package added to them at any time. 

Click Here to visit our demonstration Website

Above you will see our demonstration website for the suburb Clifton Springs. Please browse this website to get a basic expectation of the type of landing page we will create for your new domain name. 
We will work closely with you to ensure the most relevant content is listed on these pages. We can even manage the active and sold listings you have on offer and keep these up to date on your new website. 

​Features of websites / landing pages:
– 100% customised to meet your requirements
– Full SEO and mobile optimisation
– SSL Certificate included
– Managed from N.A.D or yourself
– Full ownership

Above you will see an example of the ads that we create for your new website. These ads are highly targeted and can be configured to any way you see fit. If you want to focus on appraisals, no problem. Struggling with commercial leasing? Lets focus on that. The above constitutes a broad approach and getting as much traffic as possible in a broad sense. We can tailor make ads to run for any aspect you wish. We can create up to 5 different ads for you. this will allow you see what is best for your ROI on adwords spend. 
All of our Google adwords managers are formally trained directly from Google (For more information see here)
Adwords management is included with these packages from N.A.D. or you can manage these accounts yourself. We leave the options up to you. 
The most crucial point to remember here is we create these ads to focus on tCPA (Target Cost Per Acquisition) with the acquisition being the completion of a contact form. This means that your Google adwords budget is highly targeted to people that will be likely to complete the “request an appraisal” form (in a scenario of the goal being appraisals)
Setup is included in the start up costs and also $200.00 credit for advertising for the first month. How much you spend towards the campaign in the future is completely within your control. 

The Results

An example at work

We ran our test lead generation package for for 15 days and using $100.00 on adwords budget with the below results.

Below are the analytics results from the package website: 

189 unique visitors to the website with 420 page views in 15 days. This has had a huge impact for the business. Our test ad in action was directed solely towards home appraisals.

Please see below files for Google Adwords statistics

To summarise the above reports, we can see the following:
– 2,500 Impressions (Amount of times ad was displayed)
– 94 Clicks (with a 3.76% Click through Rate)
– Total cost of $91.35 (under budget, with an average cost per click of $0.97)
– 63.14% Top of page result (for 1579 searches, our ad was at the very top of the page)
– 94 paid clicks vs 189 unique visitors for the testing period (organic traffic makes up 50.26% of overall traffic)

The results at an end user level were:
– 45% increase to agencies in-house website
– 37% increase in telephone calls
– 39% increase in emails
– 26% increase in home appraisals

Due to the extreme limited window our testing was in place, there was no way to measure costs vs property sales.

The Package

The complete online solution

Our packages are offered turn-key. Once in place they truly are set and forget products.
Included in the startup costs are the following:
– Premium Domain Name
– Website / Landing Page as detailed above
– Google AdWords account setup & management
– Credit towards your first month of Google AdWords service ($200.00 value)
– 12 months website hosting
– Full content management from N.A.D
– Up to 2 hours with an account manager to determine your needs, desired outcomes and key performance indicators

Packages for individual suburbs/towns is only $5990.00 (including fees and taxes) Region based domain names may incur an extra fee. ( for example)

Ongoing Costs:
– Every 2 years domain name renewal ($40 approx)
– Every 12 months website hosting ($199.00 if hosted with N.A.D)
– Monthly Google adwords budget (As determined by you)

This package can be used for an entire agency or an individual agent. We tailor make everything to meet your specific requirements. All work is completed within 7 working days. To proceed we require a $500 deposit with remainder to be paid in full once work is completed and put in a live environment. You will be sent a link to a draft website prior to going live online to ensure you are happy with the product. With such a low startup cost and minimal ongoing costs, you can already see your Return on Investment being quite high.

Please phone our office today for more detailed information, consultation or to check availability in your service areas. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting with your lead generation needs.

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