SMS Marketing

We have been assisting Real Estate agents for over 10 years with lead generation, database management and appointment setting. We are pleased to be offering complete SMS Marketing Suits for any cold or existing database you may have.

How We Do It

We offer 2 different options with SMS campaigns. Please see below for a breakdown of each:

Premium SMS Marketing

We offer world class data lists to be sending SMS marketing material your potential clients. We use state of the art systems that allow us to change the sender name to your agency or your name. It is important to note that an 11 character limit applies to the “sender” field of any SMS. Having this in place commands attention from your prospects and has a very high open rate on contacts. Your SMS will appear exactly as below. You can customise the text based on either 120 Characters of 316 Characters. All SMS sent have both an appraisal form link and an opt out link.

Standard SMS Marketing (Included for Telemarketing Customers)

Basic SMS option sent directly from a mobile handset via out computer system to your prospects. This is slightly more time consuming than our automated system and does not allow “sender” name changes. This option is also significantly cheaper (as detailed below) and still takes the worry out of Do Not Market regulations with the inclusion of opt out and appraisal links within your SMS.  

For both Premium & Standard packages we allocate a 2 or 3 letter/number domain name to you to maximise your SMS body text length. You can see an example of the appraisal page here: and the opt out page here  

It is important to note also that opting out of SMS marketing will not opt out of telemarketing, meaning should a prospect complete the opt out form above, we will still call them (should you be an active telemarketing customer with is). This maximises opportunities available to you to get in front of as many prospects as possible. 

Should a prospect complete the book an appraisal form as listed in the link above, these will be emailed to you directly from the site we have created.

We create 3 unique links for you. We also setup and manage the backend of these systems. Our Default SMS is:

Hi, this is John phoning for Ray White. I have just phoned and have missed you. We are doing property appraisals in Carlton in the next week, if you would like an appraisal on your home please complete the form here:

If you’re simply curious to know the value of your home you can use our calculator here:

To opt out of SMS marketing, please complete your details here:

You can click the links and this will give you an idea of what they pages look like. You will receive all completed details for both the appraisal form and online calculator. 

This SMS can be tailored to your liking prior to commencement of your campaign. 

Completely Managed Solution

SMS marketing can be tricky to get right under all the laws, regulations and acts that have been put in place. By outsourcing your SMS marketing to us, you can rest assured your SMS are being sent correctly, to the right people, in the right amount of time. All of our SMS campaigns are completely managed so all you need worry about is calling the leads that are coming through for you! All liabilities for Do Not Call and Spam acts are taken from 34th Degree Pty Ltd and are never your responsibility.

The Costs

Premium SMS Marketing (Ex. GST Costs)

820 Records (160 Characters) – $299.95

820 Records (316 Characters) – $599.90

Setup Fee: $299.95 (includes website setup and hosting for 12 months, $199.95 hosting every 12 months thereafter)

Individual Charges

$0.36 cents per SMS (160 Characters)

$0.72 cents per SMS (316 Characters)

It is important to note that the time spent sending SMS is taking from your standard hourly rate.. We send approximately 250 SMS per hour.


Standard SMS Marketing (Ex. GST Costs)

There is no additional charge for SMS sending for our standard package. Time is taken from the standard hourly rate. We send approximately 200 SMS per hour.

Setup Fee: $299.95 (includes website setup and hosting for 12 months, $199.95 hosting every 12 months thereafter)

An element of SMS marketing may be included when you sign up for calling. Please consult with your acquisition  manager or phone our office for more information. 

Ready to have us send you some leads?

SMS campaigns are setup within 48 working hours. If you are ready to proceed we will send a contract to you that includes a 48 hour cooling off period. We offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Please phone us on 1300 83 44 19 or email us at to get the ball rolling.