Cold Call Prospecting

How We Do It

We offer world class data lists to be calling your potential clients. Combine this with years of Telemarketing experience and an outstanding work rate, we can have a steady flow of appraisals and nurture leads send back to you after each shift we complete.

You have full control over your data and the hours you allocate us to work. We offer no lock in contracts and are flexible with our arrangement. If you have an empty calendar, you can increase our hours. Likewise, if you are booked out for a few weeks, we can pause the campaign and resume when needed. All hours are prepaid as you need them.

Our agents work in an online live spreadsheet where you can see each and every call and outcome in a live setting. This data is yours and can be used as you see fit. During an active campaign with us, we use the online work books so you can track exactly how your campaign is tracking at any time.

Why Our Data Is The Best

By default, we apply filters on the data that we call. For example, our typical campaigns will have the following filters applied:

Mobile phone numbers only – This increases contact rates for your campaign. Best of all, these phone numbers are actually pinged (phoned) every 3-6 months to ensure they are still connected. Any disconnected numbers found are removed for your call sheet.

Not listed as Rental – Our data is cross referenced with REA to check if the property address has been listed as a rental in the last 36 months. This narrows down home owners from rental properties. 

Units, Townhouses and Apartments – We can even remove units, townhouses and apartments from your calling list, should you not wish to phone these. By default, this data is included with your call lists. 

The Proof It Works

A randomly selected sample of data provided the below results: 

57 calls in an hour

32 no answers

11 not interested

1 booked appraisal appointments

1 signed listing

” Rex and the team at RELG have been fantastic with assisting our agencies get immediate traction in their market places.  They’ve been able to secure and clean data, book appraisals and nurture existing data.  RELG are an integral part of our agencies ongoing prospecting programs to continue to achieve their annual targets.”

Joel Hood – Director, Eview Group Queensland


“I would highly recommend the services of Rex at 34th degree marketing. It is a great feeling knowing that while I am out closing deals , attending inspections etc that I have someone honest and reliable working for me behind the scenes prospecting for new clients . It is great to have continuous leads coming in and at a reasonable price . If you are looking to up your real estate game I would definitely say to give Rex a call.”

Matt Wilson – Hillsea Real Estate 

“I can’t recommend Rex and the team at 34th Degree highly enough. They somehow always manage to exceed our expectations and offer a high quality service. We work with Real Estate agents all over South East Queensland and Rex has always delivered top quality service to our clients and is also very professional when dealing with me and my staff.”

Chris Jeong, Agenttech

Others are raving about our services. Check out some more testimonials to our work here:


Whilst we do not “blackout” certain calling areas, your leads will never be called by us representing another business while you are an active customer with us. 

When we allocate your online workbook to you, the data within is allocated to your list alone, meaning we can be making calls in the same area for other business, but we will never phone the same prospect representing 2 competing agents.

The Costs

We are currently offering a trail offer as detailed below. This will allow you to ascertain exactly what we can do for you in a set amount of time. With this information on hand, you can then decide how many hours you would like to complete each week. 

Trial Offer for $949.00 (Ex. GST) that Includes:

  • 820 local area leads to phone
  • 10 Hours Calling
  • 2 business Day Implementation
  • Data is valid for 30 days* and includes Do Not Call washing
  • All campaign setup costs

Once your trial is complete we offer simple, flexible ongoing arrangements. There is no lock-in contracts and no minimum commitments. Use as little or as much as you need.

Additional data is billed as 820 local area leads to phone: $299 (ex GST)

We can offer slight discounts if you are looking at purchasing more data. For example, you may want to purchase all available data within your service area, therefore “locking” the area away from your competition. This is done on an individual basis and we recommend phoning us for the best possible quote. 

*Data washing is a legal requirement after each 30 days. Data washing costs: $29.95 + $0.0055 per record.

You're a few steps away from high quality leads directly in your inbox...

Congratulations! You’ve made it this far! 

So what’s the process from here? You can signup to our exclusive Telemarketing Trial offer with the below form. 

Once you have completed the below form with your business and payment details, payment in full will be taken and you will be sent a copy of the agreement terms. You will have 48 working hours cooling off period to review the terms. After 48 hours, our team will begin making calls and sending leads your way!

Should you receive the documents and are happy to get started right away, please follow the instructions on the email sent to you. We pride ourselves on our quick turn around times and can have staff making calls as early as today should you need.